75 Years of Live Community Theater!

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Be a part of it all

75 Years of Live Community Theater!

Let me explain why I think live theater is the best. In 2023 we all carry around cell phones that allow us to talk to and see my friends and family across the globe, in real time. I can watch movies and television shows any time I want. There are more entertainment options than ever in the history of humanity. There is nothing wrong with technology, nor taking advantage of its ability to thrill and entertain.

But I want to say that even in this hyper-connected world, live theater — and, more specifically, “community” theater — can be a great option for a different kind of entertainment experience.

Live theater has a visceral feel to it that comes from being in the same room with the performers. Most of our information about others comes not from their words, but from subtleties of facial expression and body language. There are nuances that can be conveyed in a live performance that simply don’t translate when an image is projected on a screen.

When you go to a live show, you are part of what is a living, breathing organism: an audience. Rather than sitting by yourself or with one other person, your encounter with the show is altered by the people around you. Laughter or sadness is infectious; we are wired to pick up on such signals, and it heightens the experience.

And, unlike a movie audience, a live theater audience can give and take not only from each other but the performers as well. An audience at a live show can alter not only each other’s perceptions of the action, but they can also alter the performance itself. This give-and-take between people is something that can be experienced during live theatre that is not present in the electronic forms of media.

What you will also see, rather than famous people who lead their lives thousands of miles away, are your neighbors and people who live and work in your own community. Your lawyer, or accountant, or your kid’s English teacher might be playing Sherlock Holmes or that naughty maid!

But you already know about this magic of community, because you among the heroes who have supported the Sherman Community Players. As we embark on our 75th Season, we are counting on you to help us put on another show (or ten) for your enjoyment.

The Sherman Community Players needs your continued help and support to bring local audiences and performers together. Please help keep us making our community a livelier and connected one.